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Accommodation close to the farm:


The Auberge de Blandas, guestrooms ran by Sam and Virginie +33 (4) 67 81 51 55

The Rigalderie, gite and guestrooms, ran by Chantal

At Carole and Manu’s, in Blandas, guestrooms

At Isabelle’s, in Rogues

At William’s, in Avèze


For good food:


The Auberge de Blandas ran by Sam and Virginie, +33 (4) 67 81 51 55

At Isabelle’s, in Rogues


Activities in the surrounding area


Tree climbing park in Montdardier

Donkey trek and sleeping in a yurt

Explore the region on a bike/mountain bike with our friend Gaëtan

Canyoning, trek, speleology, canoeing