Horse trek in the Cevennes Mountains

Fancy a natural retreat? Discover our long trek in the Cevennes


  • Duration – 6 days and 5 nights
  • Accommodation – Stopover gites, inns and gites.
  • Departure from Cavalquinta – Return to Cavalquinta
  • You can go on this trek with your own horse – Please contact us



  • Target riders- from 12-14 years old.
  • Required level- at ease with the three gaits and in good physical condition.
randonnée cheval cevennes mont aigoual

Mont Aigoual , mai 2014

The Cevennes Mountains, scene of the Camisards war, the inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson and a piece of heaven for nature lovers, welcomes you for a long-distance trek.



We’ll leave the Causse de Blandas for a week exploring the sumptuous and mysterious Cevennes through the Lingas. We’ll discover unexpected hidden gems, such as the Lac des Pises or the Pic Saint-Guiral.

We travel through numerous ridges, limestone plateaus and valleys until we reach the Gorges de la Jonte, impenetrable land of the vultures, and breathtaking canyons.

The extended dry areas of the Causse Méjean is perfect for a fantastic gallop up to the Chaos de Nîmes-le-Vieux, ruiniform and timeless site. Between Sauveterre and Méjean, in the heart of the Cevennes national park, we’ll go to the summit of the Aigoual, to enjoy the unique viewpoint over the Alps, Pyrenees and the Mediterranean Sea.


The last few kilometres descend to the Vallée de l’Arre, the Pays Viganais before going back up to the transhumance drovers road that leads to the Quintanel through the ridges of the Pic d’Anjeau. In the Park or a listed site, we can admire the harsh land, between limestone and granite and between evergreen oak and chestnut trees. We’ll also explore the fauna and flora where you might be lucky enough to hear the call of the deer or admire the blossoming of wild orchids, depending on the season.

This long trek is available all year long regardless of the weather conditions, upon reservation. It is an original trek, which we created and are constantly updating. The immensity of the landscape means we never take the same path twice. To choose Cavalquinta is to chose unique treks.



  • €890 per person – (supplies service, guide and accommodation included)
  • Payment by cheque or cash (credit or debit cards not accepted)
Randonnées à cheval dans les Cévennes

Randonnées à cheval dans les Cévennes

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