Horse rides

We offer 1-hour, 2-hour, half-day, day or night horse rides.


The Causse de Blandas ridges provide a whole new prospective for horse riding. There are wonderful panoramic views as you climb the upland of Mount Aigoual, culminating at the Pic Saint-Guiral in the heart of the Cevennes National Park. In an instant you’ll feel totally immersed in this protected natural environment. It is the perfect place for beginners to discover horse riding in a safe environment and for experienced horse-riders to enjoy the freedom of galloping.



  • 1 hour – €17
  • 2 hours – €32
  • Half a day- €50
  • Full-day (day ride at the Cirque de Navacelles – picnic lunch included) – €87
  • 2 hours (night ride) – €39

Payment by cheque or cash (credit or debit cards not accepted)


1-hour or 2-hour rides

We are very lucky to be able to offer you magnificent landscapes within stone’s throw of our farm. You will climb to the top of ridges of our parks from where there is an breathtaking view of… (No, I won’t tell you but will leave you to discover it for yourself). Our horses live all year long in the parks through which we ride, so  you can rest assured they know the place by heart and will walk at a gentle pace for beginners! It is an idyllic place and an exhilarating environment where beginners and experienced riders alike can enjoy horse riding in the heart of nature. New in 2015: a sand arena for horses enabling beginners to gain riding confidence.


Day rides at the Cirque de Navacelles

We are proud of our landscape and feel lucky to travel around the Causse. In the space of a single day, you can rediscover many whilst enjoying an atmosphere worthy of a few days trek. A taste of what you can expect on one of Robin’s longer treks. In the morning, we’ll discover the ridges of the Gorges de la Vis and go down to Vissec with the experienced horse-riders. We’ll go down to Navacelles via the Vis, where we’ll take our lunch break, following which we’ll cross the river on horseback before going back up through the old mule track to reach the Causse de Blandas and the panoramic viewpoints of the Cirque.

The beginners group will explore the Cirque over ridges and crests. An awe-inspiring landscape!

The day ride lasts for 5 to 6 hours and the rate includes lunch.

balade à cheval cavalquinta

Our night rides: a magical experience

Cavalquinta guides were the first to offer moonlight horse rides on the Causse. To explore the Causse trails by the moonlight is a unique experience. The horses’ steady pace will guide you through the parks and sleepy ridges to the song of birds and the whispering wind.

coucher de soleil sur le causse de blandas