Horse boarding in the Gard department

Leave your horse at our boarding centre kept by professional horse breeders.

We believe that horse boarding cannot be ran unquestioningly. That’s why Cavalquinta has been providing a professional framework since 2005 that includes a full boarding service for your horse. We care about our boarders’ wellbeing and we always feel concerned about improving their environment, especially by monitoring the fences and checking their state. Not only we live on site, which enables us to check on your horses 24/7, but also our plots are covered with mandatory insurance policies for farming businesses, pursuant to the Law.

In 2015 we’re undergoing works on the farm in order to accommodate the horses in the best possible conditions. These include the building of shelters and stalls to ensure general care. A space in the saddlery is available to owners and a sand arena is available for you for no extra costs.

balade à cheval cavalquinta

Field boarding

In parks of 1,2 to 296 acres, on a 988 acres field, we offer pasture boarding for your horse. In the parks, the horses are in semi-free range but are watched over on a daily basis.

You can enjoy a wide range of professional services such as our vet’s and blacksmith farrier’s services. Here, you can come and visit your horse whenever you feel like it.


Paddock boarding

Do you prefer having your horse put in a paddock? Our paddocks (0,49 to 12,3acres) are just what you are looking for. In these small parks, your horse is fed every morning and every night with hay, on a self-service basis. This diet can be complemented with food supplement and cereals. We also provide you with tips and specific services for reconditioning your horse and we can ensure special attention if required.

You get that same range of services than for horses on field boarding or Cavalquinta’s horses and we can also give the anti-worm treatment or if needed, other medical treatments.

You are free to visit your horse at any time.

For more information, please contact us.

What we offer

  • Professional service
  • Clearly defined boarding contract conditions
  • Visits anytime


  • We only accept registered horses according to the Law.
  • Concerning preventive healthcare, we take care of all compulsory health-related procedures (place of ownership, registration)
  • Payments are due for each month started, except for specific boarding period of time (week, covering)


  • Field boarding – €135/month
  • Hay boarding – €195/month

chevaux au communal de blandasField boarded horses in our parks

Following the VAT increase on equestrian businesses, we are constrained to apply the 20% rate instead of the previously applied 7%.