Benjamin: horse-drawn caravan manager and horse-riding instructor

This summer, you might bump into our friend Benjamin in the Quintanel hamlet since he’s the manager of the Quinta-caravans.


Benjamin, Robin and Ludo have been friends for a long time. They met at the Lycée de Vaxergues, in Saint-Affrique, in the early 2000s. Within the scheme of his studies, Benjamin focused on breaking horses. After he passed his Professional Certificate, he moved to Rambouillet to work with a rider from the French National Team. Today, he works in a farming school in the area where he trains young horses from Robin’s stud farm.

Benjamin has been a great support to Robin for many years now given that he spends his summers at the Quintanel to help out his friend and gives him valuable tips on how to run his stud.

The strong friendship between the two fellows and Ben’s affection for the Causse lead him to contribute to Caval-Quinta’s growth and to the local economy by creating Quinta-caravan.

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Languages spoken

  • English

Other passions

  • Music
  • Mountain and winter sports
  • Musical blind tests
  • Putting the world to rights with his friends


  • Professional Baccalaureate CGEH (Farming business practices and management) – 2003
  • BPJEPS Horse Riding Instructor (Professional diploma for Youth, Popular Education and Sport) – 2007
  • Secondary level CSO (Showjumping competition) Federal Instructor Certificate- Present